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[PATCH] Small doc fix

From: tomas
Subject: [PATCH] Small doc fix
Date: Thu, 3 Apr 2003 12:15:56 +0200
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it's an obvious ommission, thus rather harmless. Still, here's the
patch (diff -u):

--- guile-core/doc/ref/data-rep.texi.original   Thu Apr  3 11:44:36 2003
+++ guile-core/doc/ref/data-rep.texi    Thu Apr  3 11:44:40 2003
@@ -1489,12 +1489,6 @@
 use the mechanism described above for new code, and change old code not
 to use deprecated features.
-Instead of using @code{scm_make_smob_type} and calling each of the
-individual @code{scm_set_smob_XXX} functions to register each special
-function independently, you could use @code{scm_make_smob_type_mfpe} to
-register all of the special functions at once as you create the smob
 @deftypefun long scm_make_smob_type_mfpe(const char *name, size_t size, SCM 
(*mark) (SCM), size_t (*free) (SCM), int (*print) (SCM, SCM, scm_print_state*), 
SCM (*equalp) (SCM, SCM))
 This function invokes @code{scm_make_smob_type} on its first two arguments
 to add a new smob type named @var{name}, with instance size @var{size} to the 
@@ -1504,6 +1498,8 @@
 The return value is a tag that is used in creating instances of the type.  If 
 is 0, then no memory will be allocated when instances of the smob are created, 
 nothing will be freed by the default free function.
address@hidden function is deprecated}
 @end deftypefun
 For example, here is how one might declare and register a new type

-- tomas

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