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Re: Auto(conf|make) style questions

From: Neil Jerram
Subject: Re: Auto(conf|make) style questions
Date: 26 Apr 2003 09:17:24 +0100
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>>>>> "tomas" == tomas  <address@hidden> writes:

    tomas> I'm trying to come up with something which can be used as a
    tomas> model for a compatibility project, as Andreas proposes. I'd
    tomas> love to have something more general, but a 1.6/1.7
    tomas> transition help thing would be already great.

    tomas> What do you think?

I think this is an excellent idea.  Possibly a good way to pin down
the options is to start with a test plan:
- select a group of Guile-using applications and libraries that you
  plan to test with
- start trying to build them against different Guile versions
- see what the issues are.


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