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Re: Around again, and docs lead role

From: Ricard Mira
Subject: Re: Around again, and docs lead role
Date: Wed, 30 Apr 2003 13:01:09 +0200

Neil Jerram wrote:
> Thanks Ricard; please see also my reply to Thamer.  What are your
> views so far about the existing docs?  (I'm finishing for
> a cold hard assessment here, not compliments.)

IMHO, the overall organization of the documentation isn't clear.  But
I know that documenting Guile is difficult, because there are many
different things to consider (C and Scheme, Scheme and translated
languages, applications and Guile, etc.).  I am thinking about these

Also, I believe that "Part V: Guile Modules" should disappear, because
features should be documented according to their functionality, not
according to their origin or implementation (SLIB, SRFIs, etc.).

Ricard Mira

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