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future thread interface

From: Christopher Cramer
Subject: future thread interface
Date: Tue, 1 Jul 2003 01:32:50 -0500
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I have a few questions about where Guile is heading wrt to threads.

1. The goal is to be able to pick between different thread
implementations. When is this choice actually supposed to be made: compile
time, link time, during Guile startup, or when? Right now (looking at CVS)
it's compile time, but it looks like the goal is during Guile startup;
It just doesn't seem to be stated anywhere.

2. The prevailing view is apparently that at some point in time
coop thread support will be completely dropped. When is this going
to happen? Personally I would like to keep using coop threads until
pthreads on Linux/glibc gets much more efficient than it is now. I don't
use Guile on any multiprocessor systems, but I expect that eventually
the efficiency problems will be small enough to be outweighed by
the relative simplicity of pthreads.

3. A while ago I was working on a patch to eliminate all the blocking
caused by accept/connect/etc. If I finish it now, can it possibly included
in 1.6.5 (or in 1.6.x at all), or should I target the patch for 1.7?

Christopher Cramer <address@hidden> <>
"People said it couldn't be that our soldiers would do such things. Now
you read worse things in the mainstream media and people don't care. We
used to say that if only people know about it, it would stop. Now they
know about it, and it hasn't stopped." - Adam Keller

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