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Hypertext of guile source code.

From: Shigio Yamaguchi
Subject: Hypertext of guile source code.
Date: Thu, 31 Jul 2003 01:01:28 +0900

Hello guile hackers,

I have made hypertext of guile source code.

Script Language Source Tour!
Hypertext of guile-1.6.4 source code

You can view libguile's source code using WWW browser.
Each source code has [CVS] link, which enable you to go to the guile
CVS repository directly. I believe it is useful for the guile developers
to hack and review the source code.

By the way, these hypertext were generated by GNU GLOBAL source code
tag system.  You can make same thing in your computer using the tool.

GNU GLOBAL source code tag system

It is very easy to make hypertext of source code.

        % cd <The root of source directory>
        % gtags
        % htags
        % lynx HTML/index.html

If you enjoy the tour and the tool, I'm very happy.

Thank you in advance.

Shigio Yamaguchi <address@hidden> - Tama Communications Corporation
Spare mail address: <address@hidden>
PGP fingerprint: D1CB 0B89 B346 4AB6 5663  C4B6 3CA5 BBB3 57BE DDA3

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