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Re: ratio implementation

From: Bill Schottstaedt
Subject: Re: ratio implementation
Date: Wed, 15 Oct 2003 05:57:58 -0700
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> With your new files, I now get
>  guile> (inexact->exact 123456789123456789.0)
>  0

I noticed this, but wasn't sure how to proceed;
in the previous guile, you'd get (in a sense) equally
bogus results:

guile> (inexact->exact 17452826108659293487.0)

guile> (= (truncate 17452826108659293487.3) 17452826108659293487.0)

I wasn't even sure whether you wanted inexact->exact to
be changed -- I left the old code in place.

I wrote a gmp version of the continued fraction code about
10 years ago -- I think I can still find it.

>  guile> (define pi (* 2 (acos 0)))
>  guile> (- (inexact->exact pi) pi)
>  3.31628058347633e-10
> Shouldn't we be able to do better than this?

I think so; but in the current version, I'm setting the
minimum error to 1/INT_MAX, which looks like it's in the
ballpark of e-10.

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