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C++ Embeded GOOPS interpreter

From: Laurent Marzullo
Subject: C++ Embeded GOOPS interpreter
Date: Thu, 16 Oct 2003 13:35:54 +0200


I would like to write a C++ Application which will use a GOOPS

The C++ application will provide a set of class that could
be used in a scheme programme.

For example, I would like to provide:

class MyClass
        MyClass( int p );
        void SayHello( void );

        int   m_private;

(Perhaps the class above could be seen as:
(define-class <MyClass> ()
    (p #:init-value 0))

and to be able to write in scheme:

(define my_object (make <MyClass> #:p 5 ))

I've take a look at SWIG to generate wrapper function etc, but
it does not use GOOPS even with -c++ option ?
Is there any doc where I could find information of how to write C++
code to provide C++ class access in scheme ?


Laurent Marzullo <address@hidden>

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