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Re: Support for (system '("echo" "foo" "bar"))

From: Paul Jarc
Subject: Re: Support for (system '("echo" "foo" "bar"))
Date: Fri, 31 Oct 2003 16:18:54 -0500
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Kevin Ryde <address@hidden> wrote:
> address@hidden (Paul Jarc) writes:
>> My procedure uses flush-all-ports before the fork,
> The current "system" function doesn't do that does it?

No.  Maybe it should.

> There shouldn't be a need to flush, provided the code in the child
> is nice and tight and won't accidentally do so there.

Suppose we write some data to a port, and then we lose all references
to the port without having closed it.  In this case, garbage
collection will free the port, which means closing it, which means,
flushing it.  Is it possible to guarantee that the child will not
trigger garbage collection?


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