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[PATCH]preface.texi (Manual Layout)

From: Stephen Compall
Subject: [PATCH]preface.texi (Manual Layout)
Date: Tue, 11 Nov 2003 18:44:13 GMT

I would have done a text workup along with the syntax bits I did, but
decided it wouldn't really help that much.  But if you think revising
the text would be useful, I'd be happy to look it over.

2003-11-11  Stephen Compall  <address@hidden>

        * preface.texi (Manual Layout): Wrap POSIX, API, and SLIB in

        Change from paragraph format (somewhat clumsy-looking on
        paper, at least) to @table format, with headers @strong.

        Made example modules complete sentences.

Snag the patch at

Here is the Info output, though you really can't see *most* of the
changes I made there:

Layout of this Manual

   The manual is divided into five parts.

*Part I: Introduction to Guile*
     Provides an overview of what Guile is and how you can use it.  A
     whirlwind tour shows how Guile can be used interactively and as a
     script interpreter, how to link Guile into your own applications,
     and how to write modules of interpreted and compiled code for use
     with Guile.  Everything introduced here is documented again and in
     full by the later parts of the manual.  This part also explains
     how to obtain and install new versions of Guile, and how to report
     bugs effectively.

*Part II: Writing and Running Guile Scheme*
*Part III: Programming with Guile*
     Document all aspects of practical programming using Guile.  This
     covers both the Scheme level -- where we provide an introduction to
     the key ideas of the Scheme language -- and use of Guile's `scm'
     interface to write new primitives and objects in C, and to
     incorporate Guile into a C application.  It also covers the use of
     Guile as a POSIX-compliant script interpreter and how to use the
     Guile debugger.

*Part IV: Guile API Reference*
     Documents Guile's core API.  Most of the variables and procedures
     in Guile's core programming interface are available in both Scheme
     and C and are related systematically such that the C interface can
     be inferred from the Scheme interface and vice versa.  Therefore,
     this part of the manual documents the Guile API in
     functionality-based groups with the Scheme and C interfaces
     presented side by side.  Where the Scheme and C interfaces for a
     particular functional area do differ -- which is sometimes
     inevitable, given the differences in the structure of the two
     languages -- this is pointed out and explained.  In all cases the
     overriding principle is that all the reference documentation for a
     given functional area is grouped together.

*Part V: Guile Modules*
     Describes some important modules, distributed as part of the Guile
     distribution, that extend the functionality provided by the Guile
     Scheme core.  Two important examples are:

        * The POSIX module, which provides Scheme-level procedures for
          system and network programming that conform to the POSIX

        * The SLIB module, which makes Aubrey Jaffer's portable Scheme
          library available for use in Guile.

Stephen Compall or s11 or sirian

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