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[PATCH]doco Manual Conventions

From: Stephen Compall
Subject: [PATCH]doco Manual Conventions
Date: Mon, 17 Nov 2003 21:48:10 GMT

Continuing through the preface, I made some changes to node Manual
Conventions.  Please let me know if this ChangeLog is too detailed,
and I will be more vague in the future.

The patch is

ChangeLog and makeinfo output follow.

2003-11-17  Stephen Compall  <address@hidden>

        * preface.texi (Manual Conventions): Double-quote some statements
        formerly single-quoted.

        Remove some redundant quotes around code.

        Clarify meaning of `iff' further for those that didn't get it the
        first time 'round (like me).

        Make graphical indicators samples, not code.

        Put results of evaluation on the same line as @result symbols.

        Remove newlines between @itemize and first @item, and last @item
        and @end itemize.

        Use @print example as example of total usage, and remind readers
        not to forget the difference.

Here is the Info output; again, you cannot see all the changes in this

Conventions used in this Manual

   We use some conventions in this manual.

   * For some procedures, notably type predicates, we use "iff" to mean
     "if and only if".  The construct is usually something like: "Return
     VAL iff CONDITION", where VAL is usually `#t' or non-`#f'.  This
     typically means that VAL is returned if CONDITION holds, and that
     `#f' is returned otherwise.  To clarify: VAL will *only* be
     returned when CONDITION is true.

   * In examples and procedure descriptions and all other places where
     the evaluation of Scheme expression is shown, we use some notation
     for denoting the output and evaluation results of expressions.

     The symbol `=>' is used to tell which value is returned by an

          (+ 1 2)
          => 3

     Some procedures produce some output besides returning a value.
     This is denoted by the symbol `-|'.

          (begin (display 1) (newline) 'hooray)
          -| 1
          => hooray

     As you can see, this code prints `1' (denoted by `-|'), and
     returns `hooray' (denoted by `=>').  Do not confuse the two.

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