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Re: Purify on Guile

From: Matthias Koeppe
Subject: Re: Purify on Guile
Date: Wed, 19 Nov 2003 11:28:46 +0100
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yluo <address@hidden> writes:

> We use memory-debugging tools (Purify) here, and it is annoying to get
> Error/Warning messages every time. There are many SBR and UMR warnings
> during garbage collection and some SBW (Stack array bounds write)
> errors reported during dynamic throw. I guess those operations on
> memory are harmless, but which always makes people nervous. 

Guile's conservative garbage collector scans memory regions for valid
pointers.  It may hit uninitialized memory cells during the scan.
This is normal.  

I have not seen warnings about SBW, though.  (I use Purify on
SPARC/Solaris.)  They are probably due to the stack unwinding that is
done at a throw.

> Is there any way to avoid those happened? If so, could you please
> kindly point me the way?

Simply suppress these warnings.  Here are three suppressions from my
.purify file.

       suppress umr scm_ceval
       suppress umr scm_mark_locations
       suppress sbr scm_mark_locations

Matthias Koeppe --

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