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Re: Does anyone have a better scm_string_hash ?

From: Stephen Compall
Subject: Re: Does anyone have a better scm_string_hash ?
Date: Thu, 20 Nov 2003 15:48:58 GMT

Being ever so useful, I was reading through gnulib in coreutils when I
spotted "hash.c".  Thought, I'd better take a look.  Anyway, here's
the string hashing code in there, even if you really don't want to
explore this further.

Er, of course, this is GPLed....

/* Return a hash index for a NUL-terminated STRING between 0 and N_BUCKETS-1.
   This is a convenience routine for constructing other hashing functions.  */


/* About hashings, Paul Eggert writes to me (FP), on 1994-01-01: "Please see
   B. J. McKenzie, R. Harries & T. Bell, Selecting a hashing algorithm,
   Software--practice & experience 20, 2 (Feb 1990), 209-224.  Good hash
   algorithms tend to be domain-specific, so what's good for [diffutils'] io.c
   may not be good for your application."  */

hash_string (const char *string, size_t n_buckets)
# define ROTATE_LEFT(Value, Shift) \
  ((Value) << (Shift) | (Value) >> ((sizeof (size_t) * CHAR_BIT) - (Shift)))
# define HASH_ONE_CHAR(Value, Byte) \
  ((Byte) + ROTATE_LEFT (Value, 7))

  size_t value = 0;

  for (; *string; string++)
    value = HASH_ONE_CHAR (value, (unsigned char) *string);
  return value % n_buckets;


#else /* not USE_DIFF_HASH */

/* This one comes from `recode', and performs a bit better than the above as
   per a few experiments.  It is inspired from a hashing routine found in the
   very old Cyber `snoop', itself written in typical Greg Mansfield style.
   (By the way, what happened to this excellent man?  Is he still alive?)  */

hash_string (const char *string, size_t n_buckets)
  size_t value = 0;

  while (*string)
    value = (value * 31 + (unsigned char) *string++) % n_buckets;
  return value;

#endif /* not USE_DIFF_HASH */

Stephen Compall or s11 or sirian

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