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Re: SRFI 50: Mixing Scheme and C

From: Andreas Rottmann
Subject: Re: SRFI 50: Mixing Scheme and C
Date: Fri, 13 Feb 2004 20:57:36 +0100
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Rob Browning <address@hidden> writes:

> Dale brought this to my attention, and I haven't had a chance to read
> it carefully yet, but I thought others might want to take a look as
> well.
I've read some of the discussion on the mailing list, and I find Tom
Lord's arguments regarding deficiencies of the SRFI draft quite sound
(disclaimer: I recently had a look at and did a little bit of hacking
on Pika, Tom Lord's scheme project).

Regarding G-Wrap: it would certainly be a plus to be more language (or
C Scheme API) agnostic. Incidencially, I just started an experimental
branch of G-Wrap, in wich I'll try to come up with a
language-agnostic, GOOPS-based design for G-Wrap and then build a
compatibility layer (offering the current wrapping API) upon it. The
project is currently in the draft phase (but there is already a
g-wrap--tng branch in my archive; tng stands for "The Next Generation"

Cheers, Andy
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