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Re: [PATCH] configure check for crypt()

From: Andreas Voegele
Subject: Re: [PATCH] configure check for crypt()
Date: Thu, 19 Feb 2004 11:27:38 +0100
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Andreas Voegele writes:

> Here's a patch that replaces AC_CHECK_LIB with AC_SEARCH_LIBS and
> HAVE_LIBCRYPT with HAVE_CRYPT.  I've tested this patch under HP-UX
> and GNU/Linux.

It seems that my patch is also useful for OpenBSD.  At least, I found
the following statement on the web: "With version 2.1 of OpenBSD, the
crypt library doesn't even exist; it is included in the standard
library for the system."

Can anyone apply the patch, which is attached to my previous mail, to
guile-core/ and guile-core/libguile/posix.c?

Here are changelog entries for guile-core/ and
guile-core/libguile/ respectively:

2004-02-19  Andreas Voegele  <address@hidden>

        * Use AC_SEARCH_LIBS to search for crypt().  Define
        HAVE_CRYPT instead of HAVE_LIBCRYPT.

2004-02-19  Andreas Voegele  <address@hidden>

        * posix.c (s_scm_crypt): Use HAVE_CRYPT instead of HAVE_LIBCRYPT.

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