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Re: How do I really do this?

From: Bruce Korb
Subject: Re: How do I really do this?
Date: Sat, 13 Mar 2004 18:54:10 -0800

Marius Vollmer wrote:
> Mikael Djurfeldt <address@hidden> writes:
> > You don't gain anything by trying to piggyback on 'define', because
> > 'define' uses exactly the same hash table internally as that returned
> > by (make-hash-table).
> This might be confusing.  ....

Thank you everyone  :-)  I have it working now.  I even now know
how to use:

   (eval '(define ,(...) ,(...) ))

That's really cool  :-)  It's just that that syntax is a little,
well, obscure (to me).  Anyway, I am using hash tables with the
(make-hash-table) function.  Thank you all again.

Regards, Bruce

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