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Re: Forwarded patch for modular exponentiation support (GMP powm)

From: Kevin Ryde
Subject: Re: Forwarded patch for modular exponentiation support (GMP powm)
Date: Mon, 22 Mar 2004 10:37:50 +1000
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Eric Hanchrow <address@hidden> writes:
> Alas, I have not filled in the paperwork, and can't remember
> what I'm supposed to do.  Is there a standard form, or what?

A copyright assignment is preferred, but you can read about the
choices at

Most people go with "past and future" if they're making ongoing
contributions, because it all takes a while going back and forth.  The
form for that is below.  You send it to fsf-records, not this list or
anything.  fsf-records will help you with employer disclaimers etc.



Please email the following information to address@hidden, and we
will send you the assignment form for your past and future changes.
Please use your full name as the subject line of the message.

[What is the name of the program or package you're contributing to?]

[Did you copy any files or text written by someone else in these changes?
Even if that material is free software, we need to know about it.]

[Do you have an employer who might have a basis to claim to own
your changes?  Do you attend a school which might make such a claim?]

[For the copyright registration, what country are you a citizen of?]

[What year were you born?]

[Please write your email address here.]

[Please write your snail address here.]

[Which files have you changed so far, and which new files have you written
so far?]


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