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More direct question about naming issues for GOOPS based module APIs.

From: Rob Browning
Subject: More direct question about naming issues for GOOPS based module APIs.
Date: Thu, 13 May 2004 01:47:20 -0500
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Given that I'm relatively new to GOOPS (though fairly knowledgable wrt
CLOS), I'd just like to ask directly: what do people feel are the
relevant considerations when choosing the exported names for a GOOPS
based module?

For example, although *I* tend to be comfortable with longer function
names like gw-argument-types, gw-typespec, or even all-gw-types, when
a module uses GOOPS, one could (and people have) made the argument

  (all-gw-types my-typespec)

is just unnecessarily verbose as compared to

  (all-types my-typespec)

because GOOPS dispatches on the class of my-typespec.  One could
further argue that as long as you're careful with your argument names,
you end up with code that's equally readable in either case.
(Although I would still be concerned that with the latter approach, it
may be much more difficult to locate all calls to a given method,
i.e. "fgrep '(close' *" vs "fgrep '(close-wrapset' *".

As further examples, I wasn't sure about were exactly what the risks
are with respect to import collisions, say between a module's exported
generics and the existing bindings of the importer, nor what the risks
are, if any, regarding accidental shadowing, etc.

I'd also be interested in any stylistic opinions.


Rob Browning
rlb and; previously
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