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Re: i18n, gettext support

From: Bruno Haible
Subject: Re: i18n, gettext support
Date: Sat, 4 Sep 2004 19:25:15 +0200
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Kevin Ryde wrote:

> LC_MESSAGES and friends already exist as variables.

OK. Find attached a revised patch which takes this into account.

> > + SCM_API SCM scm_get_textdomain (void);
> > + SCM_API SCM scm_set_textdomain (SCM domainname);
> I think these could be a single textdomain func taking an optional
> argument.  That's what's done for setlocale for instance, and it
> matches the C routines.
> > + SCM_API SCM scm_get_textdomain_dir (SCM domainname);
> > + SCM_API SCM scm_set_textdomain_dir (SCM domainname, SCM directory);
> > + SCM_API SCM scm_get_textdomain_codeset (SCM domainname);
> > + SCM_API SCM scm_set_textdomain_codeset (SCM domainname, SCM encoding);
> And I'd call these bindtextdomain, again for similarity to the C
> routines they wrap.
> > +   SCM_VARIABLE_SET (gettersym,
> > +               scm_make_procedure_with_setter (
> > +                   SCM_VARIABLE_REF (gettersym),
> > +                   SCM_VARIABLE_REF (settersym)));
> Procedures with setters are not much used in the core.

That's your point of view, not mine. I would find it irresponsible if I
were to submit a patch which includes destructive functions that don't
bear a '!' in their name.

You and/or Jan can of course spend 15 minutes to modify my patch to fit your
point of view.

In the GNU 'xgettext' extractor and associated example I will support
whatever API you provide in guile.


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