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Re: AM_GNU_GETTEXT weirdness

From: Jan Nieuwenhuizen
Subject: Re: AM_GNU_GETTEXT weirdness
Date: Fri, 24 Sep 2004 09:17:31 +0200
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Marius Vollmer writes:

> running ./ now runs gettextize and that causes some
> 'useless' things to happen, like the creation of po/ and the inclusion
> of po/ in _all_ AC_CONFIG_FILES statements in

> AM_GNU_GETTEXT used but `po' not in SUBDIRS

None of this happens here, what version of automake do you use?

> I guess all this happens for the benefit of programs that want to
> internationalize/localize themselves.  Right?

I have no clues whatsoever about what the developers of auto* have in
mind.  You'll have to ask Bruno about the AM_GNU_GETTEXT/libintl stuff.
What I had initially, was

    dnl i18n tests
    if test $ac_cv_func_gettext = no; then
       AC_CHECK_LIB(intl, gettext)
    AC_CHECK_FUNCS([bindtextdomain textdomain])

maybe something like that is better?

> Simply wrapping gettext and friends turns out to have a much larger
> effect than I thought.  I fully expect that there are people out there
> without gettext and Guile will not build for them.  What then?

That's why I was a bit reluctant about writing a patch for Guile,
instead of only for gettext, which was all I needed.  Anyway, this is
for the better, and Guile should build without gettext and without
libintl, of course.  A problem is that I don't have a development
machine without these, so I couldn't test.


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