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doc mktime

From: Kevin Ryde
Subject: doc mktime
Date: Fri, 04 Feb 2005 10:15:56 +1100
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        * posix.texi (Time): In mktime, clarify fields of sbd-time used, and
        the handling of tm:isdst.

 -- Scheme Procedure: mktime sbd-time [zone]
 -- C Function: scm_mktime (sbd_time, zone)
     For a broken down time object SBD-TIME, return a pair the `car' of
     which is an integer time like `current-time', and the `cdr' of
     which is a new broken down time with normalized fields.

     ZONE is a timezone string, or the default is the `TZ' environment
     variable or the system default (*note Specifying the Time Zone
     with `TZ': (libc)TZ Variable.).  SBD-TIME is taken to be in that

     The following fields of SBD-TIME are used: `tm:year', `tm:mon',
     `tm:mday', `tm:hour', `tm:min', `tm:sec', `tm:isdst'.  The values
     can be outside their usual ranges.  For example `tm:hour' normally
     goes up to 23, but a value say 33 would mean 9 the following day.

     `tm:isdst' in SBD-TIME says whether the time given is with
     daylight savings or not.  This is ignored if ZONE doesn't have any
     daylight savings adjustment amount.

     The broken down time in the return normalizes the values of
     SBD-TIME by bringing them into their usual ranges, and using the
     actual daylight savings rule for that time in ZONE (which may
     differ from what SBD-TIME had).  The easiest way to think of this
     is that SBD-TIME plus ZONE converts to the integer UTC time, then
     a `localtime' is applied to get the normal presentation of that
     time, in ZONE.

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