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each pick soars from the opening bell

From: Kitty Barrett
Subject: each pick soars from the opening bell
Date: Mon, 14 Feb 2005 23:51:09 -0500


Global Environmental Energy Corp. (OTC-BB: GEEC)
Shares Outstanding : 35 million
Approx. Float : 9 million
30 Day Target : $6.25
6 Month Price Projection : $15.00

Recent News and Major Share-Price Driving Milestones:

GEEC just announced a $10 Billion, 5-year joint venture
with several companies operated by the Chinese Government.
GEEC uses their Biosphere Process System to convert various
types of waste into clean, "green" electricity at 5 to 10
mega-watts per hour.
GEEC Chairman, former Prime Minister of Ireland Dr. Albert
Reynolds, has secured a $2 Billion line of credit for GEEC
and opened doors in over a dozen countries through
political contacts at the highest level.
Global Environmental Energy is CBS's #1 Best
Performer in the DJ Diversified Industrials Index in the last
2 months. This Dow Jones Index also contains 3M, GE, and

Conservative estimates value the company at
One Billion Dollars

Future Milestones:
1. GEEC had a $100 Million backlog of sales orders for the
Biosphere before the China joint-venture with 26 completed
Biospheres in operation. The backlog is now into the Billions
with complete financing to be provided by China and 1,300
Biospheres to be deployed throughout the country.
2. GEEC's present assets of $35 Million will conservatively
jump into the $300 Million range, a 10-times increase.
3. GEEC is in advanced stages of agreement on at least 6 major
international projects which could add $50 Million to the
bottom-line or $1.42 per share.
4. P/E on average for this Industry Group is 20 to 1 putting
GEEC in the $13 dollar range without any future business
5. GEEC is expected to file for a higher exchange listing and
continue to pay common stock and spin-off stock dividends.

Worldwide Market Potential
$15 to $25 Billion over next 5 years with no other known
company that can match their technology, leadership, or
explosive sales growth.

Up until now GEEC has been one of Wall Street's best kept
secrets, yet now it seems the cat is coming out of the bag
and the release of this new Investor Awareness Campaign
should be excellent timing in regards to some new PR's
forthcoming which will Rocket GEEC. This power-play has
nowhere to go but up, according to most insiders, and there's
still a bit of time to get in before the boom.

DISCLOSURE: The information and opinions in this feature profile
are based on sources believed to be reliable but no representation
is made to its accuracy or completeness. Past-results is not an
indicator of future-results. This report is a paid profile and is
for information purposes only and should not be used as the basis
for any investment decision. Ten thousand dollars has been paid
for the preparation of this profile and for continuing coverage
of the featured company. We are not an investment advisor and
this profile is not to be considered investment advice. This
information is neither a solicitation to buy nor an offer to
sell securities. Information herein contains forward-look-ing
statements and is subject to significant risks and uncertainties.
There are no shares held and there will be no participation in
the trading of shares of any profiled company.

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