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Re: gettext-0.14.2 is released

From: Bruno Haible
Subject: Re: gettext-0.14.2 is released
Date: Sat, 26 Feb 2005 17:52:54 +0100
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Kevin Ryde wrote:
> >   - messages can be marked as "scheme-format", denoting 'format' strings.
> I noticed a couple of forms that provoke errors,

Thanks for reporting this. I was confused through the situation in slib
and through the documentations: In SLIB, when I saw that Aubrey Jaffer
had deprecated FORMAT, I told him that FORMAT is essential for i18n (because
the SLIB PRINTF doesn't support reordering of arguments) and explained him
that some elements of his SLIB FAQ about FORMAT are simply wrong expectations.
About the documentation, I found that the older SLIB doc describes it as
  "An almost complete implementation of Common LISP format description
   according to the CL reference book @cite{Common LISP} from Guy L. Steele"
so I referred to that.

Now I see your message in
Is it correct to assume that

  - For guile, the code and doc regarding FORMAT in SLIB are not relevant
    any more?

  - The guile FORMAT attempts to be an extension of Common Lisp FORMAT,
    i.e. that all CL format directives are supported without changes
    (except when documented otherwise, such as ~_)?

  - Differences in behaviour between a valid CL format string and the
    same string in guile (except when documented otherwise) are bugs in
    format.scm that I should report?

  - The reference to which I can point translators is the node
    "Formatted Output" in the guile documentation?

> Nosing around format-scheme.c (if that's the right code) I noticed ~!
> described as a clisp call

Oops, that was a copy&paste artefact. I've now removed that.

>       (format #f (gettext "~/"))
>       (format #f (gettext "~q"))
>       (format #f (gettext "~8,2i") 1+2i)
>       (format #f (gettext "~65c"))
>       (format #f (gettext "~4,3,'-t"))
>       (format #f (gettext "~k") "fmtstr")
> ~q is a copyright message
> ~/ is a tab character (like ~| etc)
> ~i is complex number fixed-point (up to 5 params)
> ~c accepts a charnum param
> ~t accepts a pad char param
> ~k is an alias for ~?

OK, will be corrected in gettext.


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