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Re: building guile from CVS

From: Marius Vollmer
Subject: Re: building guile from CVS
Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2005 02:17:33 +0100
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Bruno Haible <address@hidden> writes:

> Then there are no working libtool releases that work for guile:
>   - libtool 1.4.x create no libltdl/ directory,
>   - libtool 1.5.x breaks 'aclocal', see 

I think this bug does not affect Guile.  Does it?

> OK. Then here's what I see when I use the instructions. (I have
> autoconf 2.59, automake 1.9.4, gettextize 0.14.1 and libtoolize
> 1.4.3 in the PATH.)

Does libtool 1.5.x work?  We do not support libtool 1.4 any longer.

> It is enough to leave a wizard clueless.

Yeah.  The autotools have grown into a problem of their own.  Maybe
there should be a wrapper around them that simplifies their use...
Not! ;-)

Thank you very much for the list below!

> 1) It calls libtoolize without prior check that the libtoolize version is
>    >= 1.5. libtoolize 1.4.3 does not create an ltdl/ directory, therefore
>    it is unusable. (I would also add checks for minimum versions of
>    autoconf and automake, btw.)

How would these checks look like?  They would have to be very robust
and simple.

> 2) It doesn't copy libtool.m4 into guile-config/, but it should.

Why?  How?  Guile should not try to work around this installation bug,
I think.  When aclocal from $PATH can not find the libtool.m4 that
goes with the libtool from $PATH, then how can Guile do it?

> 3) It would help to call "autoreconf --verbose".

Yes, that is helpful.  I made this change.

> 4) The gettext .m4 macros are not present in guile-config/ and not
>    added by autoreconf.

See 2)
> 5) Since AM_GNU_GETTEXT is used in, a config.rpath is needed.
>    autoreconf does not add it. 'autopoint' would add it, but is not invoked
>    from autoreconf.

So we need to invoke autopoint? after autoreconf or before?  I have
added a call to autopoint after autoreconf.

(On the other hand, I don't have a config.rpath in my Guile tree and I
don't seem to need it.)

> 6) "make" fails in the doc directory because version.texi doesn't exist.
>    Kevin Rude says that it should be fixed by
>    "configure --enable-maintainer-mode". But it would be better if
>    would solve this.

Yes.  Do you have a solution?

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