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Re: Should we distribute libltdl?

From: Bruce Korb
Subject: Re: Should we distribute libltdl?
Date: Tue, 08 Mar 2005 09:13:48 -0800

Hi Marius,

Marius Vollmer wrote:

> Yes, but I think Guile is very reasonable with its "bunch of other
> stuff".  It only really requires libgmp and libltdl.  The versions of
> these that are in the mainstream distributions should suffice.

The mainstream distributions "of Linux" :).  My world is about 1/4 Linux
and doesn't Guile's "u" stand for "ubiquitous"?  ;-)

> Also, the question right is not whether should rely on libltdl, it is
> whether we should distribute libltdl and automatically install it when
> needed.  That is, should Guile say "You don't seem to have libltdl, I
> will quietly install it for you." or should it say loudly "You don't
> seem to have libltdl, please install it, for example from ..."?

The "for example from" clause would make the failure much more palatable
than the straight up obtuse failures from other packages.  I would still
_prefer_ to see either an "I've installed it for you" message, or even
a "I cannot install Guile unless you let me install libltdl with an
``--enable-libltdl-install'' configure option".  Telling me to go off and
fetch a package at some well-known location is "okay."

Since you are not proposing to fail the configure and leave no clues,
in the end I am okay with whatever you want to do :).

Thank you.  Cheers - Bruce

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