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new 2005, medicine, bloodpressure, cancer, flu, health, 7, 000 Senior Ho

From: cattlemen Doherty
Subject: new 2005, medicine, bloodpressure, cancer, flu, health, 7, 000 Senior Hospitals, , 172, 000 Senior Hospital Administrators and doctors.
Date: Wed, 04 May 2005 17:45:07 -0100

172,000 Senior Hospital Administrators.

PRE_PUBLICATION OFFER OF $247.00  (Reg. $1,299).

"The New American Hospital Marketing Guide is an extremely
cost-effective way of increasing your marketing efforts".
David Stanford, Chicago, IL.

In response to numerous inquiries from healthcare marketers,
HealthLine Publications Corp. is introducing The New American
Hospital Marketing Guide.  The new guide is an attempt to
assist healthcare professionals to target hospital
decision-makers throughout the country.  The Guide includes
administrators in hospitals in the United States such as
CEOs, CFOs, Directors (surgery, nursing, purchasing, etc.)

In addition to mailing addresses, fax and phone numbers, the
publication includes important hospital stats such as number
of beds, hospital type, hospital number and staff size.

In a rapidly-changing industry, current healthcare information
is an invaluable resource to businesses and organizations.
The New American Hospital Marketing Guide includes comprehensive
information on more than 7,000 hospitals and 172,000
administrators.  It is the most extensive and database of key
decision-makers in the health care market.

Each record is indexed by such features as name, address, phone and
fax. The database is available in Excel format on CD Rom.  It is
designed for mailing lists and merges.  The data can be selected by
state or other criteria such as type of practice. It can be used on
an unlimited basis.

If you are interested in identifying and contacting hospital
decision-makers most likely to benefit from your product or
service, The New American Hospital Guide will save you time
and money.

To order The New American Hospital Guide, simply fill out
the information below and
fax it to 416 760-3763 (tel: 416 760-3762).

Bonus Offer:  New Customer Offer. Order now and receive free of charge
our marketing publication: Build a Successful Healthcare Marketing
Campaign.This popular publication offers a number of strategies
relating to effective marketing of healthcare products.










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