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Re: built with SCM_DEBUG=1 lately?

From: Ken Raeburn
Subject: Re: built with SCM_DEBUG=1 lately?
Date: Fri, 01 Jul 2005 02:44:47 -0400

(BTW, I should've mentioned in my earlier mail tonight that the patch
got me past compilation failures on Linux; my original report
complaining of some format string problems was on a Mac laptop, where
I haven't tried the build again.)

>From the comments, it looks like the list returned by scm_i_dynwinds
can have both cons cells and smob objects in it, like the winder
object that was keeping the snarf step from working for me.

This patch causes the SCM_CDAR invocation to be applied only if the
SCM_CAR is a pair.

BTW, under SCM_DEBUG=1 it'd be nice if SCM_SMOB_OBJECT*,
SCM_SMOB_DATA*, etc, would check that the passed object is a smob.  I
don't think that's happening.


2005-07-01  Ken Raeburn  <address@hidden>

        * throw.c (scm_ithrow): Only use SCM_CDAR if SCM_CAR is known to
        be a cons cell.

Attachment: throw-patch
Description: patch for throw.c to not run SCM_CDR on non-pairs

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