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Re: [PATCH] Test-suite update

From: Ludovic Courtès
Subject: Re: [PATCH] Test-suite update
Date: Fri, 23 Sep 2005 09:43:43 +0200
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Kevin Ryde <address@hidden> writes:

> It is, but from the top-level ./check-guile.

Ah, I see.

BTW, this script sets `GUILE_LOAD_PATH' to `${top_srcdir}/test-suite'
only.  Consequently, the `ice-9' modules (and in particular
`boot-9.scm') are loaded from `${datadir}/guile/1.7', /not/ from the
source tree, which is wrong.

> Maybe could be removed if no longer used.

The top-level `check-guile' actually uses it.

In fact, I would rather remove `check-guile' and the top-level's `TESTS', and let `make check' recursively find out what to
do.  This way, things related to the test suite would all be gathered
into the `test-suite' directory.  Additionally, `make check' from there
would really run the whole test suite.

> Works for me, you might have struck a bug.  But check you're not
> compiling with -O0, that used a lot more stack for me with gcc 4 and
> overflowed in strange places.

I did compile at least parts of Guile with `-O0' but I'm using GCC

BTW, as usual (sigh), here is a new version of the previous patch:  the
previous one disabled the ability to pass a list of test files to


--- orig/test-suite/
+++ mod/test-suite/
@@ -101,3 +101,6 @@
          cp -pR $(srcdir)/$$d $(distdir)/$$d; \
           rm -rf $(distdir)/$$d/CVS; \
+       ./guile-test --test-suite tests/

--- orig/test-suite/guile-test
+++ mod/test-suite/guile-test
@@ -1,5 +1,12 @@
-#!../libguile/guile \
--e main -s
+# This is in fact -*- Scheme -*- code.
+# We need to make sure that we load the right `ice-9' modules so `-L' is not
+# enough since it gets parsed too late.
+exec ../libguile/guile -L .. -l $0 -e main -- "$@"
 ;;;; guile-test --- run the Guile test suite
@@ -177,15 +184,12 @@
                                 (value #t))
                                 (single-char #\d))))))
-    (define (opt tag default)
-      (let ((pair (assq tag options)))
-       (if pair (cdr pair) default)))
-    (if (opt 'debug #f)
+    (if (option-ref options 'debug #f)
     (set! test-suite
-         (or (opt 'test-suite #f)
+         (or (option-ref options 'test-suite #f)
              (getenv "TEST_SUITE_DIR")
@@ -194,13 +198,13 @@
     ;; not the src-dir.
     (set! tmp-dir (getcwd))
-    (let* ((tests
-           (let ((foo (opt '() '())))
-             (if (null? foo)
-                 (enumerate-tests test-suite)
-                 foo)))
-          (log-file
-           (opt 'log-file "guile.log")))
+    (let* ((tests (let ((files (option-ref options '() '())))
+                   (if (null? files)
+                       (enumerate-tests test-suite)
+                       (begin
+                         (set! test-suite ".")
+                         files))))
+          (log-file (option-ref options 'log-file "guile.log")))
       ;; Open the log file.
       (let ((log-port (open-output-file log-file)))
@@ -214,7 +218,8 @@
          (register-reporter (lambda results
                               (case (car results)
-                                  (and (opt 'flag-unresolved #f)
+                                  (and (option-ref options
+                                                  'flag-unresolved #f)
                                        (set! global-pass #f)))
                                 ((fail upass error)
                                  (set! global-pass #f)))))

--- orig/test-suite/tests/elisp.test
+++ mod/test-suite/tests/elisp.test
@@ -19,6 +19,9 @@
   :use-module (test-suite lib)
   :use-module (ice-9 weak-vector))
+(if #t #t   ;; FIXME:  Ignore this test for now
+  (begin
 ;;; elisp
@@ -331,4 +334,6 @@
 ;;; elisp.test ends here

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