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Re: Updating NEWS for 1.6.8 release.

From: Rob Browning
Subject: Re: Updating NEWS for 1.6.8 release.
Date: Sun, 16 Oct 2005 11:43:11 -0700
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Rob Browning <address@hidden> writes:

> If you have time, could those of you who have committed changes to 1.6
> (since 1.6.7) check out a current 1.6 tree, look over the output of
>   cvs -qz5 diff -u -r release_1-6-7
> and make sure that all of your changes have appropriate NEWS entries?

I don't know that anyone noticed, but our previous entry for this
release was quite wrong.  Apparently we (I) had never added a new
section for 1.6.8 after the 1.6.7 release.  Here's the corrected NEWS
(also in CVS):

  Changes since Guile 1.6.7 (changes in 1.6.8):

  * Changes to the distribution

  ** A number of GCC 4.0 related build problems have been fixed.

  A number of changes have been made to accomodate GCC 4.0.

  * Changes to the stand-alone interpreter

  * Changes to Scheme functions and syntax

  ** The r5rs numerator and denominator functions have been added.

  These are now available in the default environment.

  * Changes to the C interface 

There are only two changes that the user would want to know about?

Rob Browning
rlb and; previously
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