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Re: 1.6.8 release candidate 0 available for testing.

From: Greg Troxel
Subject: Re: 1.6.8 release candidate 0 available for testing.
Date: 19 Oct 2005 13:10:28 -0400
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Kevin Ryde <address@hidden> writes:

> > There's a buglet in the guile info docs in that strftime has a cross
> > reference to the libc info file, and that would seem to be Linux
> > specific.
> You mean gnu-specific of course, strftime probably doesn't go near the
> kernel.  But in any case I don't think it's too terrible for a gnu
> package to xref other gnu package.  I'll add "or see man 3 strftime",
> if you like.

Sorry you are quite right, I should have said GNU libc (is that used
on other than Linux and HURD these days?).

In this case, GNU libc is not a requirement for guile, which runs on
free operating systems with GNU libc, free OS w/o GNU libc and
non-free OS.  The real reference is to the C99-specified strftime.  I
think what bothered me was the broken link in the info file since I do
not have GNU libc info files installed.  I tried to follow it, and
then realized it was a cross-file link.  So, sure, adding "or see
strftime(3)" would help.

        Greg Troxel <address@hidden>

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