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Re: API naming bugs

From: Marius Vollmer
Subject: Re: API naming bugs
Date: Fri, 30 Dec 2005 21:27:43 +0200
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Andy Wingo <address@hidden> writes:

> 1) functions that take C types normally are named scm_c_*. There are a
> few exceptions though:

The rule is that scm_c_foo is mostly the same as scm_foo, only with a
different calling convention that is easier for C.  For example, we
have scm_vector_length and scm_c_vector_length.  The former is exactly
'vector-length' and returns the length as a SCM value, while the
latter returns the length as a size_t.

Functions named scm_to_foo and scm_from_foo are concerned with
converting the representation of a value between the SCM and foo
types.  The names are a bit hackish since the scm_ prefix is actually
part of the meaning: "SCM to foo".

The viewpoint of this set of functions is that on one side everything
is represented as SCM and we don't need to say what sub-type of SCM is
actually required or produced.  For example, it simply is scm_to_int,
not scm_number_to_int or scm_exact_integer_to_int or even
scm_exact_integer_that_fits_into_int_to_int ;-).

>  - scm_from_locale_symbol[n] -- here's a confusing name, perhaps
> scm_c_symbol_from_locale_string is more apt

I agree that this is not totally self-describing since there is no
'symbol' type in C.  We silently make the assumption that C-side
symbols would be nul-terminated arrays of characters, just like

>  - scm_frame_begin, unwind_handler, etc -- should change because there
> is also a SCM-based scm_frame interface

Yeah, that's unfortunate.  we have two things that are termed a
"frame": he things dealt with by scm_frame_begin, etc, and the frames
of a captured stack.  When designing the scm_frame_begin stuff, I
didn't think about those "other" frames, and when I finally noticed
that there is a terminology overlap, ... I refused to think too much
about it since I wanted to use the nice name for my stuff as
well... Hmm.  Ideally, I think the captured stack frames should be
called "stack frames".


> 2) NEWS talks about SCM_FRAME_WIND_EXPLICITELY, but code is (correctly)

Yep, that's my permanent spelling mistake.  Sometimes I think it is
easier to change the English orthography than to fix my typos.

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