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Re: [ntp:hackers/Guile devel] ntp-dev changes

From: Reg Clemens
Subject: Re: [ntp:hackers/Guile devel] ntp-dev changes
Date: Sat, 15 Apr 2006 16:37:32 -0600

Linux Fedora4 came with gcc 4.00 and was upgraded to 4.0.2 as some point,
so I dont easily have access to an older version on my home machines.
Checking at the Lab, where I still have Fedora2 loaded, I find gcc 3.3.3,
and guile-1.6.7 DOES compile there.

Still, the error reported sounds more like something has changed between
OS levels than a problem with the compiler itself.  I can try moving the
compiled version back home, but from what Harlan says, I wont be able
to test it for a week or so.


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