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Re: Status of the "Project Ideas" page / Summer of Code

From: Martin Kuehl
Subject: Re: Status of the "Project Ideas" page / Summer of Code
Date: Sun, 30 Apr 2006 02:34:51 +0200


thanks for the helpful pointers; guile-debugging, guile-vm and the
compilation discussion all look quite interesting.  The hobbit topic
feels a little scary though, and I'm not sure I want to try that
before I've got a little more experience under my belt.

I was able to take guile-debugging for a spin, it's great, and I agree
that it makes more sense to complete it than to port swank (the lisp
server side of slime).  I'm not sure where one would start though --
the open bugs' summaries are maybe less descriptive than they might be
[Hm.  Does it complete names of modules found on guile's load-path?]

Guile-VM also sounds neat, but I was neither able to compile the code
from CVS head nor to fetch the revival code from Ludovics arch repo,
which makes it even harder to devise a plan of action.  Judging from
the mail thread about its revival, completing the translation from
Scheme to Ghil and/or from Glil to assembly might be good candidates. Another might be comparison with "similar" VMs and ILs (the thread
mentions STklos; s48s "PreScheme" also comes to mind).

So... I'm willing to help -- is this roughly the right track?


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