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Re: Status of the "Project Ideas" page / Summer of Code

From: Martin Kuehl
Subject: Re: Status of the "Project Ideas" page / Summer of Code
Date: Sat, 6 May 2006 00:02:27 +0200

On 5/2/06, Ludovic Courtès <address@hidden> wrote:
To fetch it:

  $ tla register-archive \
  $ tla get address@hidden/guile-vm--revival--0.6 guile-vm

To summarize: the main issue left (and probably the main reason why
Keisuke Nishida never "finished" it) is the integration of first-class
macros.  Preserving the current semantics may be feasible but requires
some thought.  There are a couple of papers available from on the compilation of first-class macros.

Apart from macros, compilation from Scheme to GHIL, GLIL and then
bytecode basically works.  Bytecode interpretation (the VM) is also
roughly functional.

Damn, macros again :-)
I'll definitely take a look at the revival, but I really doubt I'm the
one to take on first-class macros just yet.  I seem to have a hard
time reasoning about them instead of CL macros (or maybe I just
confuse them too much with Haskell-style pattern matching, i'm not
sure), and that's something I'd want to change before dealing with
their compilation.

Thanks again for the pointers,

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