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Emacs-like file buffers

From: Jason Meade
Subject: Emacs-like file buffers
Date: Sun, 7 May 2006 00:18:52 -0700

Under the "Cool Ideas" section of the Guile website, Emacs-like
buffers are mentioned. I'm thinking this would be a really useful
library, even independent of Guile. Once such a library is built, then
extending it into guile shouldn't be too much extra effort.

Is anyone actively pursuing this? If so, I'd be interested in
assisting. If not, then I plan to give a shot at this independently.

As a start I see a need for:

* In-memory string (including binary string?) buffers
* buffer->string (and vice-versa) features (including splitting & tokenizing)
* Point based search/replace/insert/delete/copy facilities
* Full regular expression support (this touches upon another wish-list item)
* File I/O encapsulation

If anyone has any additional info on this topic, then I'd like to hear about it.



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