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Re: Problem with Guile on ia64 (possibly "getcontext" related)

From: Keith Owens
Subject: Re: Problem with Guile on ia64 (possibly "getcontext" related)
Date: Sun, 16 Jul 2006 12:54:51 +1000

Rob Browning (on Sat, 15 Jul 2006 15:24:31 -0700) wrote:
>Guile 1.6.8 is crashing on ia64 with an illegal instruction whenever
>it tries to execute call-with-current-continuation.  For those who
>don't know, call-with-current-continuation captures the current state
>of the computation; it's a language feature somewhat similar to
>The crash seems to be right around an asm "getcontext" call, and after
>looking around, I found these two links:
>They appear claim that adding a dummy (non-executed) setjmp just after
>the getcontext call will fix the problem because gcc recognizes
>setjmp, but not getcontext, and makes appropriate arrangements.
>So I tried adding a dummy setjmp just after the getcontext call, and
>that does fix the problem.
>However, even though this worked, I'd still prefer to have a better
>idea that this is the right fix before adopting it.  Is that likely?
>The relevant function is scm_make_continuation which you can find

Wild guess, based on no data.  Add '__attribute__ ((returns_twice))' to
the definition of ia64_getcontext.  That should remove the need to use

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