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1.8 status

From: Greg Troxel
Subject: 1.8 status
Date: Thu, 10 Aug 2006 12:38:46 -0400
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I'm the maintainer for the guile entry in NetBSD pkgsrc, and am
starting to think about 1.8.   pkgsrc currently has

lang/guile14    (1.4.1, installed in /usr/pkg/guile/1.4)
lang/guile      (1.6.8, installed in /usr/pkg)

The plan would be to copy lang/guile to guile16, and install into
/usr/pkg/guile/1.6, and then update lang/guile to 1.8.x.  That way
programs that won't build with 1.8 can be pointed at 1.6 until they
do.  This was a good migration strategy for 1.4->1.6.

1.8.0 seems to now be pretty old, and a diff of the head of
branch_release-1-8 against release_1-8-0 (-Nu) gives 6088 lines, of
which 2857 are new (ignorning hierarchy.pdf).

The slib bug fix appears not to be present on the 1.8 branch, but I'm
not quite sure - it seems only to be on the 1.6 branch, and not on

Is it currently reasonable to use 1.8.0?  It seems there's been a lot
of work on the branch, and that probably a 1.8.1 is in order.

Here's the list of programs that use guile (1.6) in pkgsrc.  


Plus swig, that doesn't depend on guile but produces guile input files.

Does any know of any problems with any of them with 1.8?  In
particular, do gnucash and lilypond work with 1.8.0?

    Greg Troxel <address@hidden>

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