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Re: largefile64 on ports

From: Andy Wingo
Subject: Re: largefile64 on ports
Date: Fri, 08 Sep 2006 17:13:30 +0200

Hi Kevin,

On Fri, 2006-09-08 at 09:17 +1000, Kevin Ryde wrote:
> Actually instantiating a port from a descriptor isn't documented, so
> it's possible no applications are using the C port type stuff at all!

Guile-gnome's gnome-vfs wrapper uses it. You can make a SCM port out of
a gnome-vfs handle and access the gnome-vfs handle associated with a

I don't think that we rely on the size though -- the port is made via
scm_make_port_type, and the vmethods are set via the setters. The patch
does not look like it would cause us problems.



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