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Re: On-line manual

From: Neil Jerram
Subject: Re: On-line manual
Date: Mon, 13 Nov 2006 23:09:16 +0000
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address@hidden (Ludovic Court├Ęs) writes:

> As a followup to a recent discussion on `guile-user', I made the manual
> for 1.8.1 available from the web in a way that is similar to what other
> GNU projects do:


> I also updated so that it points to this
> address (the update has not propagated yet).

My feeling is that the "guile" link in
should always go to the same page as the "Manuals" link in

> However, the current doc page [0] has more information (manual for 1.6
> and for GOOPS, tutorial, book) so we need to find a way to "merge" both
> pages.  For GOOPS, I think we could add an entry in `/manual' and have
> that point to `/software/guile/manual/goops'.  For the other docs, we
> could add pointers in and have
> that point to subdirectories.  Finally, the Guile web site could refer
> to that page as well, rather than having a separate `docs.html' page.
> Opinions?

That sounds fine from a usage point of view, but it also sounds
unnecessarily hard to implement, if pages like are generated as a whole by  It sounds to me as though it would be easier to keep the
existing as the main
Manuals page, and modify its "Reference Manual for Guile 1.8" link to
point to

Then later, if we want, we can progressively create parallels of for the GOOPS and 1.6
manuals, and so on, and just update the links on to point to them.


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