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automake 1.10 vs guile-func-name-check

From: Kevin Ryde
Subject: automake 1.10 vs guile-func-name-check
Date: Sun, 03 Dec 2006 10:37:35 +1100
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As mentioned on bug-guile, I switched to automake 1.10 in the
top-level makefile.  Among the new complaints is the bogosity of this
line in libguile/

        -(test -n "${AWK+set}" || AWK="@AWK@"; ${AWK} -f 
./guile-func-name-check $<)

I expect it's meant to be "$${AWK:+set}" for a start, but even so I
don't think it has the intended effect.  AC_PROG_AWK puts an AWK=awk
in the generated Makefile, which will override a setting of $AWK in
the environment, which the "test" is apparently looking at.

I changed it to simply

        -$(AWK) -f ./guile-func-name-check $<

which I think is right, unless anyone can explain the intention of the
old bit.  You can still force to a particular awk with

        make AWK=my-groovy-awk

and that overrides other uses of $(AWK) like in the TAGS rule and

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