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Re: Illegal instruction in test-unwind on ia64.

From: Richard Harke
Subject: Re: Illegal instruction in test-unwind on ia64.
Date: Sun, 3 Dec 2006 20:12:07 -0800
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On Sun December 3 2006 18:01, you wrote:
> It looks like test-unwind is failing on this call:
>       scm_call_1 (res, SCM_BOOL_F);
I thought this might be interesting to look at so I
got the sources out of unstable. But when I tried to build
it, I got a different error. Actually a warning treated as error
'returns twice' attribute directive ignored
This was on line 108 of continuations.c Could this be
the compiler version? If so, what version to use?

Richard Harke

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