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Re: Patch to fix working of

From: Kevin Ryde
Subject: Re: Patch to fix working of
Date: Thu, 08 Feb 2007 10:23:50 +1100
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Neil Jerram <address@hidden> writes:
> (1) autoreconf exits with error status, because it thinks that the
>     expansion of AM_GNU_GETTEXT requires a definition of
>     AM_INTL_SUBDIR, and AM_INTL_SUBDIR isn't defined.

If it thinks that then I guess it's not recognising "external" in

> (2) If you get past (1), one of the subsequent build steps (forget
>     which one) fails because there is no config.rpath in the top level
>     directory.

I don't remember how I got that into my working dir.  I expect it was
from running gettextize then reverting the excessive changes that
program makes.

> I understand that (1) is caused by an inconsistency between aclocal
> and autoconf.  When aclocal decides what macros we need in aclocal.m4,
> it correctly decides that we don't need AM_INTL_SUBDIR.  When autoconf
> checks that we have all the macros that we need, it incorrectly thinks
> we do need AM_INTL_SUBDIR.

Yep.  Sounds very fishy.  Is this the latest and greatest gettext

> - config.rpath is apparently required for linking to the gettext
>   library (which Guile genuinely needs, I believe),


> - autopoint only runs, however, if contains both
> - therefore I solved (2) by adding AM_GNU_GETTEXT_VERSION ...

Not that there's anything stopping us running it explicitly of course,
if we know it's needed ...

> We could make (1) more palatable by actually starting to
> internationalize Guile's internal strings - so then we would really
> need the po directory!

Depends I guess if anyone wants to work on that.  Could do an en_AU
translation, by adding "bloody" and "strewth" at various places :-)

        <unnamed port>:1:1: Wrong bloody type (expecting pair): x

> On the other hand, (2) has the benefit that it should allow the
> nightly snapshot to build.  (I now know from the build machine's log
> that the snapshot is failing because autopoint is not installed on the
> build machine.)

That doesn't mean it's an old (old-ish) gettext does it?

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