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Re: make-vtable

From: Kevin Ryde
Subject: Re: make-vtable
Date: Wed, 14 Feb 2007 08:26:14 +1100
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address@hidden (Ludovic Courtès) writes:
>      (let* ((vtable (make-vtable-vtable "pr" 0))
>             (s1     (make-struct vtable 0 "hello"))
>             (s2     (make-struct vtable 0 "hello")))
>        ;; S1 and S2 are both "regular" one-field structs.

I know the "values" struct is doing exactly this, but I suspect it's
abusing the vtable system.  I suspect that what scm_init_stacks() in
stacks.c is doing is normal (if there's such a thing as "normal").

> So I think it's even more confusing than it seems.  ;-)

Yep, very confusing :-).

> I'd say that `make-vtable-vtable' is inappropriately named and should
> really be `make-vtable'.  Does that make sense?

Perhaps we have an expert lurking here, but I think make-vtable-vtable
does in fact do what its name suggests: make a vtable for creating

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