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Evaluator cleanup

From: Ludovic Courtès
Subject: Evaluator cleanup
Date: Sat, 24 Feb 2007 17:24:49 +0100
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I have a patch that further "despaghettifies" the evaluator, as Han-Wen
would say.  ;-)  It adds two files, `eval-memoize.i.c' and
`eval-unmemoize.i.c', and moves memoizers in the former and unmemoizers
in the latter.  Thus, the functions that end up in these files are:

  * `eval-memoize.i.c'

    c_improper_memq, canonicalize_define, memoize_as_thunk_prototype,
    m_body, m_expand_body, scm_m_begin, scm_m_case, scm_m_cond,
    scm_m_define, scm_m_delay, scm_m_future, scm_m_do, scm_m_if,
    scm_m_lambda, check_bindings, transform_bindings, memoize_named_let,
    scm_m_let, scm_m_letrec, scm_m_letstar, scm_m_and, scm_m_or, iqq,
    scm_m_quasiquote, scm_m_quote, scm_m_set_x, scm_m_apply,
    scm_m_atbind, scm_m_cont, scm_m_at_call_with_values,
    scm_m_generalized_set_x, scm_m_atslot_ref, scm_m_atslot_set_x,
    scm_m_nil_cond, scm_m_atfop, scm_m_expand_body, scm_m_undefine,

  * `eval-unmemoize.i.c'

    unmemoize_expression, unmemoize_exprs, unmemoize_and,
    unmemoize_begin, unmemoize_case, unmemoize_cond, unmemoize_delay,
    unmemoize_do, unmemoize_if, unmemoize_lambda, build_binding_list,
    unmemoize_let, unmemoize_letrec, unmemoize_letstar, unmemoize_or,
    unmemoize_quote, unmemoize_set_x, unmemoize_apply,
    unmemoize_atcall_cc, unmemoize_at_call_with_values,
    unmemoize_future, unmemoize_atslot_ref, unmemoize_atslot_set_x,
    unmemoize_builtin_macro, scm_i_unmemocopy_expr,
    scm_i_unmemocopy_body, scm_unmemocar

It does nothing beside this, so it should be harmless.  Ok to commit?


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