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Re: Experience with guile + Boehm GC in SND (Re: New versions of rt-comp

From: Kjetil S. Matheussen
Subject: Re: Experience with guile + Boehm GC in SND (Re: New versions of rt-compiler.scm, rt-examples.scm and rt.tex
Date: Mon, 4 Jun 2007 14:08:32 +0200 (CEST)

On Mon, 4 Jun 2007, Ludovic Courtès wrote:


Kjetil Svalastog Matheussen <address@hidden> writes:

[2] tla my-default-archive address@hidden
    tla get guile-core--boehm-gc

So that's the one you've been using and referring to as "Guile + Boehm
GC"?  Glad to hear it!  ;-)

Sorry I didn't write that in my first mail.

Did you make sure to compile libgc "the right way", so that locking in
with a multi-threaded libgc doesn't hurt performance[0]?

I have tried with and without both --enable-threads=posix and --enable-parallel-mark. No difference, it seems to work perfectly anyway.

The main thing that needs to be done before we can consider this
solution now is to compare both memory usage _and_ execution time of the
two Guiles.

Yes, but for some kinds of software, like programs with custom gui's, sound processing programs, interactive graphical programs, interactivety is exclusively more important than those two. I consider the freeze that the guile's built-in gc cause to be its biggest problem.

In fact, I don't think execution time is an important factor here at all. Don't get me wrong, of course execution time is important in general, but a change in execution time of a gc benchmark program within the factor of two sounds like an insignificant difference compared to what is gained in interactivity.

For instance, with the default settings, Guile + Boehm GC is slightly faster than Guile when running `gcbench.scm', but it might consume more memory. This needs to be analyzed. Reports as to how this impacts SND are also more than welcome, of course! ;-)

I'm going to run Guile + Boehm GC + SND for a while now and report back if anything unusual happens. I might even release a special version of SND with guile + the Boehm GC included to the public in the near future, because of the huge advantages it has. This might generate a lot of feedback. And if no one reports back, then its a good sign that it works well.
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