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Learning to write interpreted code

From: Ludovic Courtès
Subject: Learning to write interpreted code
Date: Thu, 09 Aug 2007 16:49:56 +0200
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I've been facing various slowness issues recently, which led me to play
with profilers.  Today, I profiled Guile-RPC's XDR encoding routine with
`statprof' and got this:

  %     cumulative   self             
  time   seconds     seconds      name
    9.66     12.64     12.64  not
    6.57      9.38      8.59  xdr-basic-type-type-pred
    6.53      9.44      8.54  xdr-basic-type-size
    5.62      8.26      7.36  xdr-basic-type-encoder
    5.11      8.93      6.68  xdr-basic-type?
    3.69      4.83      4.83  eq?
  Total time: 130.8 seconds (2147/100 seconds in GC)

Twelve seconds are being spent in `not', 5 seconds in `eq?', and 8
seconds in each record accessor (all of which could be implemented in a
few machine instructions).

So I went ahead and removed the `not' within the loop, rewriting
`(if (not c) a b)' to `(if c b a)', and voilà:

  %     cumulative   self             
  time   seconds     seconds      name
    8.88      1.19      1.08  xdr-basic-type-size
    5.14      0.74      0.62  xdr-basic-type-type-pred
    4.21      0.68      0.51  xdr-basic-type-encoder
    3.74      1.64      0.45  +
    3.74      0.45      0.45  eq?
  Total time: 12.11 seconds (167/100 seconds in GC)

An order of magnitude faster!  I suppose that, as a side effect, the GC
needed to run less often because the evaluator was producing less


  1. When writing code for an interpreter, one has to be prepared for
     insignificant things taking surprisingly large amounts of time.  :-)

  2. My inlining patch [0] was not too irrelevant, I suppose.

  3. Upon user request, we may also want to allow the memoizer of `if'
     to automatically rewrite expressions of the form `(if (not c) ...)'.



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