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Re: Gnulib support

From: Ludovic Courtès
Subject: Re: Gnulib support
Date: Tue, 04 Sep 2007 09:36:13 +0200
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Hi Kevin,

Kevin Ryde <address@hidden> writes:

> Revert it for now, and look again if/when there's a system for
> libraries.  (And not the first blush version of something, give it a
> chance for someone else to be the guinea pigs.)

Please, do read the thread on `bug-gnulib'.  Widespread libraries
already fixed the problem, the most straightforward solution being to
use Libtool's `-export-symbols-regex' link option (which is a single
line in `').

Did you actually hit a problem?

Honestly, I'd prefer not to revert it (remember it's only in HEAD) if
the rationale is "we're too lazy to fix it".

> While you're at it you can back out "build-aux".  Subdirs like that are
> unnecessary, especially now that it's normal not to copy aclocal .m4
> files into a distribution.  (If gnulib is doing that then it shouldn't.)

And while we're at it, I suggest that we do "mv libguile/*.[ch] .".
Subdirs like that are unnecessary, too.  :-)

Please, provide a more compelling rationale.  Did you find a bug or
something?  I don't see the point in having all files mixed up.

This is unrelated to Gnulib, BTW.

> Oh, and don't mangle the news file just because automake is broken.  The
> licence notice should be at the start of the file.

Hmm, I did not move the licence in `NEWS', though I did remove a few
lines from there [0].  Is this what you are referring to?



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