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Toy LLVM JIT compiler

From: Andy Kitchen
Subject: Toy LLVM JIT compiler
Date: Fri, 23 Nov 2007 19:09:09 +1100

Toy JIT compiler using LLVM (attached), currently converts everything to a double, and only does arithmetic operations, but I though I should post it in 
case the source is useful to anyone.

I don't have enough knowledge of the guile internals to be able to implement 
things like closures, and I don't have any good ideas about nested lambdas.
However that said, if anyone does, and has a burning desire to hack up
a proper JIT compiler, I would love to help with the LLVM side.

regards Andy Kitchen.

PS. I currently don't have or want, anonymous SVN access to my home box, 
however if anyone does want to continue the project, we can arrange something.

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