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Re: srfi-18 requirements

From: Julian Graham
Subject: Re: srfi-18 requirements
Date: Sat, 1 Dec 2007 00:08:40 -0500

Hi Ludovic,

I'm almost finished making the changes -- in fact, I've got everything
fixed except for this one:

> I'd use pairs or records for exception objects rather than just symbols
> since symbols can always be forged.  So we'd have, e.g.:
>   (define uncaught-exception?
>     (let ((exception-type (cons 'uncaught-exception #f)))
>       (lambda (obj)
>         (and (pair? obj)
>              (eq? (car obj) exception-type)))))

The thing is, I can't throw with a key that's not a symbol.  I've been
trying to rig up something using SRFI-34-style exceptions (key =
'srfi-34, args = anything) -- provided I can make that work, would
that be okay?


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