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Re: srfi-18 requirements

From: Julian Graham
Subject: Re: srfi-18 requirements
Date: Wed, 23 Jan 2008 18:23:22 -0500

Hi Neil,

> NB I have an orthogonal concern here (i.e. possibly yet another issue
> with the current code!): If a thread that was running in Guile mode
> called scm_leave_guile() to do non-guile stuff for a while, and is
> still outside Guile mode, shouldn't it have been removed from the
> all_threads list when it called scm_leave_guile()?
> (But please feel free to ignore this one for now.  We already have
> enough loose ends in the air!)

Ignoring... (but is that what all_threads is for?  My understanding
was that it was for ALL threads created by / initialized to use Guile
-- i.e., all threads that needed to be GC'd.)

> I think you need to check !wake_up_flag at the start of the loop.  I
> think it is possible that when the loop starts, the GC thread has
> already set wake_up_flag to 1 and signalled wake_up_cond.

I don't think this is possible -- the GC thread could never have
gotten to that point unless it had locked the non-GC thread's
heap_mutex.  By the time it sets wake_up_flag to 1, it must also be
holding the wake_up_mutex, which means that the non-GC thread had
already relinquished it via the cond_wait.

> Do the locks of t->heap_mutex and wake_up_mutex really need to overlap
> like this?  I think this could lead to a deadlock: at [A] above, the
> non-GC thread holds wake_up_mutex and tries to lock t->heap_mutex,
> whereas at [B] above, the GC thread holds t->heap_mutex (for every
> thread) and tries to lock wake_up_mutex.
> If there isn't a hard reason for the overlapping, the two lock/unlock
> pairs just above can be swapped, and that eliminates the deadlock
> possibility.

I think that they do (need to overlap).  And I'm having a hard time
seeing the potential for deadlock here (maybe I'm just sluggish from
the heat in my cubicle).  I think the order of locking is critical to
preventing deadlock, in fact, via a race on wake_up_flag.  In the
situation you describe, the non-GC thread will only be able to seize
wake_up_mutex once the wake_up_flag has been set and the GC thread has
permanently relinquished wake_up_mutex for that round of collection,
so there's no deadlock.  Am I missing something?


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