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guile-1.8 and goops c-api

From: René Köcher
Subject: guile-1.8 and goops c-api
Date: Wed, 20 Feb 2008 10:53:12 +0100


I'm sending out an SOS to the guile-devel list!
Is there anybody out there able to provide me with a decent, working
example on how to export a goops-class using guile-1.8 c-api _only_??

I tried really hard over the past two days and neither have I found any
working code nor could I get my own code working..
I am able to create a new class using scm_make_class() but my program
terminates with a SIGSEGV whenever I try to add a slot with scm_add_slot().

Please, help me.

P.S. Using scheme source and exporting the class at runtime is _no option_..

Yours faithfully

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